Here’s what you need to know:

New Client Information:

Plan to arrive early for your first session so that you can fill out the necessary paperwork, which includes a registration form. Your instructor will look over your form and ask you a few questions as part of an assessment process. It's important to feel comfortable and be able to move, so wear clothing that allows for that. UP Studio follows the tradition of removing our shoes upon entering the space, so please be prepared to do that as well. Socks with a grip or sticky feature are recommended or you are welcome to work barefoot. As breathing and learning more about our respiratory system is a keystone of each exercise at UP, please refrain from wearing perfume or oils. Upon entering the studio, you will find cubicles for your personal items as well as a refreshment area. We'd like to think of ourselves as a 'green' studio, so please try to bring your own container for water. Our water is filtered and can be dispensed either hot or cold, so feel free to sample our tea selection. As sessions may be in progress, please keep your voices low. 


24 hour cancellation policy: 

This is an industry-wide practice that protects instructors and studios from loss and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding. If you are unable to keep an appointment, need to reschedule it, or need to cancel your attendance in a group class, please give your instructor 24 hours notice or you will be charged. 


Cell Phones:

Smart phones have become our lifeline and we spend a lot of time and energy on them. Since your time at UP Studio is about nurturing yourself and tending to your own needs, please turn them off for the duration of your session. Also, we aim to create an atmosphere that supports a process rather than an event, so please refrain from taking pictures or video without permission. 


Studio Hours:

The studio is open for sessions, by appointment, seven days a week. Typically, instructors work from as early as 7am to as late as 9pm. When scheduling private sessions with the instructor of your choice, all efforts will be made to accommodate your schedule to allow for consistency.



UP Studio has its' own parking lot in the rear of the building, where you will also find the entrance. We share our lot with our neighbors, Babe's Kitchen. However, please refrain from using the spaces in the Long Beach Ballet parking area as your car will be towed. There is also street parking available, but be sure to read the parking signs.



You may pay your instructor directly using either cash, check or credit card. Payment is due at the end of a session. If you have purchased a package of sessions or classes, your instructor will let you know when it is time to renew and also remind you of the expiration date. UP Studio offers packages with either a 3 or a 6 month expiration policy.



1. How many sessions a week should I do to reach my goals?

It depends what your goals are. With either Pilates or the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®you are learning a new way of moving and this takes time. As with any skill, regular practice is the key. Ideally, these life-changing exercises and ideas should be part of our everyday lives, so having a home program and attending group classes is a great way to maximize your progress and feel the rewards of your work.  We recommend taking at least two sessions a week.

2. Is Pilates and/or the GYROTONIC® method a weight loss program?

They are part of a wellness program and will address your health on many different levels. These methods are not designed with weight loss as their first priority. However, because they both stimulate the body internally, metabolism can be affected in a positive way and if combined with good nutrition and cardiovascular exercise, weight loss can be achieved. Yet, vitality is determined by what goes on within us and learning how to move from the inside out can and will affect your health. Change your movement; change your life. It's not how about you look.